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The term blog refers to the discussion or informational site that is publishes on the World Wide Web with consisting of discrete entries that are typically displayed in reverse chronological order. Blogs were not just used to earn money. Some blogs aim to inspire people around the world. So here are some of the most inspirational blogs and bloggers around the world.

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Gray Vayberchuk’s blog is one of the most inspirational blogs in the internet. Gary is a loud and charismatic New Yorker who gained his internet fame after the crazy and outgoing host of Wine Library TV. It is a video blog that tackles everything about wines and related topics and issues. With the use of online blogs he was able to transform his wine business from a three million dollar a year wine retail store into a 60 million dollar wine wholesale business. He was also able to build a multi-million dollar empire related to his personal brand. Gary has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and GQ as well as appeared on the Late Night with Conan O’Brien. With his fame he was also invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. of blogger Pat Flynn is also one of the world’s most inspirational blogs. After losing his career he started a website called “” that aims to track his progress with various websites and online money making projects. With his blog, Pat was able to built a massive following and readership thanks to his transparency and honesty. From nothing, he was now earning a monthly income of around 50,000 US dollars. He was also often invited to industry conferences, and runs a regular podcast for his readers.

Andrew Sullivan of has also inspired millions of people across the globe. Andrew started his blog during the last quarter of 2000 and by the middle of 2003 he was already receiving an average of 300,000 unique visits per month. After a few years, gain more followers and visitors that let the blogger to reach fame. He then decided to work full time in He made some changes in the blog and later on decided to leave his other blogs such as The Atlantic, TIME and the Daily Beast in order for him to focus on the of Tim Ferris is also on the list. Blogger Tim is a self-proclaimed life hacker who was able to build a massive following online through his blog posts. Tim is also the author of the famous book “4 Hour Work Week” which eventually became a bestseller. Aside from 4 Hour Work Week, he also published two other inspirational bestselling books. He tours the world to give lectures about business and entrepreneurships with his famous idea of “lifestyle design” and living an unconventional life.

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