Health News: Technological And Medical Advances Today ( Ben posted on November 29th, 2013 )

087 Health newsAlong with the changes in the world and in the lives of people over the past decades and centuries, come the countless technological advances that cannot just make our lives easier and our work faster, but can also help us in so many ways and in so many aspects in the society as well as specifically in the lives of people. And one aspect of the society where technology had greatly impacted positively is the medical services of the society, specifically the health of people in terms of saving them from sickness, helping them recover, and prevent or avoid catching diseases. Despite the negative effects of the changes in the world to the lives of people including these new technologies, inventions, and innovations, these technological advances can help them in return.

Some other advances include new medical facilities that can heal or help people live through sicknesses and diseases that can kill people or last a lifetime. Diseases like cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and so on. Some or probably most of us know that nursing diabetes can be a pain, and in order to help diabetes patients to not feel pain especially when drawing blood to monitor glucose and insulin in their bodies, some technological advances such as needle-free diabetes care are made. Other countries have robotic check-ups now too. There also medical advances today that can help quickly diagnose flus, examples are microfluidic chips and RT PCRs. There are also lasers now that can help fight cancer. And even small medical facilities that are used in surgeries and other operations.

Also, because of the technological and medical advances now, educating youths to be nurses and doctors are now easier than before. These medical teams can also learn a lot with the use of technology about the sickness and diseases a patient might have. But, of course, technological advances must be paired up with technical skills as well as knowledge. One cannot play when you are in the medical field, games are not welcome there; these are the life of people that are at stake, making mistakes is not an option. With the tools in the medical field today, nurses and doctors can take care of their patients even more efficiently and effectively.

There are still a lot of medical advances that are needed as of today. But with the help of todays’ technology, sooner or later, people will be able to invent and create many things that can make any impossible thing be possible.

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