How To Start A Newspaper For Your School Project ( Ben posted on August 22nd, 2013 )

072 how to start a newspaperWere you asked to make a newspaper for your school project? Do you have any idea how to start a newspaper? Making newspaper may not be that easy because you need to understand the whole content of the newspaper. But are you going to do it individually or by group? If you are asked to do it as a group, I’m sure that your teacher has already who will be your group mates. Once you already know who your group mates are, the first thing that you need to do as a group is to meet and talk about your newspaper project. You also need to assign each member of the group of their assignment. After assigning each member of their assignments, you need to get their commitment. They need to be committed if you want to get high score for this project.

In your meeting, you also need to talk about the articles that you will be putting in your newspaper. You might have seen how newspaper looks like even though you don’t read them. But since your project in making newspaper, I think that you should get a real newspaper that will serve as sample or guide for your format. We all know that newspaper only contains news, it could be bad or good, and it doesn’t matter. It also contains advertising and weather updates. Try to brainstorm with your group mates to come up with the best ideas about your newspaper. The content of your newspaper would depend on the assigned topic that your teacher has assigned to you (if there is any). But in case your teacher would leave it all to you as long as it has to do with your school, then you can make an article regarding the different activities that is happening in your school like the achievers, sports, school event, and even the leadership in your school. You can also write about the teachers and faculties. You can go and interview some teachers and make an article out of it.

This may not be easy because the content should have sense. You need to make sure that your reader will be satisfied and happy with the things that he will read in your newspaper. Your first reader will be your teacher since that is your school project. But don’t worry because you will be given enough time to finish the project and you can finish it on time if you are all committed.

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