Blogs ( Ben posted on March 12th, 2013 )

In the world of business, the blog is a unique marketing tool which can help a business to grow in a number of ways. Due to the amount of people who use the Internet these days, blogs have become incredibly popular. They serve a number of functions, depending on the goals of the blogger. As a result, it is important to understand just what they are used for if you are going to use them effectively for your own business endeavors.

Personal Blogs

The personal blog is one of the more common types. Many people may decide to set up their own blog in order to record a specific time in their lives. A student who is studying abroad may set up a blog that his or her family and friends can read regularly in order to see how they are getting on. Photographs and journal entries may be posted in order to detail the individual’s experience.

Business Blogs

Marketing means being visible, and there is no better way than achieving that visibility than by setting up a blog for your business. Whenever your business comes up with a new plan or a strategy, you will be able to post about it on your blog. Many businesses will have either a blog available on their website, or they will have a link to one. The blog will describe recent activities in the business, new products, services and even improvements on older ones. It is one of the best ways of keeping your customers up to date with any changes that are taking place.

Revenue Share Income

Freelance writing is a particularly popular way of making money on the Internet today. A lot of writers are advised to set up a blog of their own. A blog can not only showcase your writing style, but it can also advertise your services as a writer. A lot of blogs which receive a high amount of traffic can get sponsored by advertisers. Advertisers will give bloggers a cut of the revenue that they receive from advertisements. This is one of the best ways for a writer to build up what is known as “residual income”.

It is clear to see that blogs serve a variety of uses and functions. There is no doubt that your own future business prospects can be improved immeasurably by taking a look at what a blog can do.