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Citizen Journalism 101: How To Start A Newspaper ( Ben posted on March 4th, 2013 )

Many citizens have grown tired of mainstream media. They feel that these media outlets are owned by corporate interests and have no intention of telling the truth. Some of these citizens have decided to take the media into their own hands and become citizen journalists. They feel that this is the best way to have a positive impact on their world. They seek to uncover the truth behind the corruption in politics that leads to the loss of our freedoms and the degradation of our environment. While many of these concerned citizens use only the Internet to push their message, others have turned to print media.

How to Start a Newspaper

If you are a citizen journalist and are looking to move beyond blog posts and other Internet writing, you may be wondering how to begin and create an actual newspaper. While most newspapers are going out of business, smaller and more local papers have been having continued success. Their success lies in their ability to appeal to the local citizen in their area. While most people have grown tired of being lied to to and hearing about celebrity and political gossip, they are still interested in hearing about the things that are happening in their local community. If you are looking to start your own paper, then start local. There are many issues in your local area that reflect the current political climate. These local issues can be used as examples of larger issues. The local price of gasoline can be used to create an article about climate change. Local school issues can be used to discuss larger issues such as freedom of speech.

Starting a paper may seem like a daunting task but it can be done if you focus on your immediate area. This will help others to think globally while acting locally. You can also help to benefit your local economy by including advertisements from local businesses. You can also hire local writers as well as local cartoonists and other talents in your immediate area.

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