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Blogs: Be A Freelance Blogger ( Ben posted on June 10th, 2013 )

010 blogsWhen it comes to online jobs, one of the most popular and very challenging is being an online blogger. There are a lot of online bloggers that actually earn a good pay, and most of them are just doing this as part time job. Becoming a freelance blog writer is not that easy at the beginning, but as you continue to do it, you will find that it’s fun and rewarding. You can hear from most bloggers that it’s worth the effort. Now, you might have known or seen some of the bloggers who write something about a place, things, or even business. But before you can write a very good article about certain topic, you need to spend or invest time in research, because normally it takes at least 90 minutes to write a good article in a blog. But of course before I forget, before you can become a blogger, you need to have that passion with the job. Without passion, you will have hard time adjusting and might have hard time dealing with frustrations and disappointments.

If blogging is one of your passions, you will find it fun and rewarding no matter how you struggle to come up with good article. Some of the frustrations may come in if you don’t see many hits on your page. But the good thing about being freelance blog writing is you own your time. You can write it during your free time. You don’t have to quit your job to be a freelance blog writer. You can keep your day job and still earn extra as freelance blog writer. You can write early morning, before you sleep, on lunch time, while you are travelling, or while sitting on a boring conference. Next, you need to have or create your own blog. Having a personal blog page will help you practice your skills and also showcase your writing. Writing in blogs ia different writing for print although some rule applies but you need to get a good feel for the medium before you ask people to pay you for it.

You can also apply as freelance blog writer on freelance job boards. Try to write to bigger blog. Try to choose those that have money to pay you because small blogs can’t pay you. Then you need to know your worth. But make sure that you give them the best article that is worth the money that they will be paying you.

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